• The Complete Cook Book

    This extremely comprehensive book covers a wide range of content from abbreviations and conversions, to substituting ingredients, cooking and baking basics, as well as helpful tips, meat cuts, how to cut up a whole chicken and how to fillet a fish, plus loads of terms and definitions, the food pyramid and table setting guidelines and so much more. It is also jam-packed with over 165 recipes from side dishes, to light meals, seafood, vegetarian, microwave baking and many other categories. All in all, this book is a great buy.
  • The Complete Kitchen Guide

    This must-have book has everything you need in a kitchen guide; it covers a wide range of content including:
    • Abbreviations
    • Equivalents
    • Conversations
    • Substituting ingredients
    • High Altitude Baking
    • Microwave oven cooking and baking basics
    • Cooking and baking tips
    • Common baking problems and solutions
    • Knives
    • Meat cuts
    • How to cut up a whole chicken
    • How to fillet a fish
    • How to devein a prawn
    • How to shuck an oyster
    • Roasting times
    • Cooking times for the perfect steak
    • Tips for boiling the perfect egg
    • The food pyramid
    • Table setting guidelines
    • Cooking terms and definitions
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    Essential Oils Encyclopedia

    $19.00 $13.00


    The only book on essential oils you will ever need, its jam packed with everything you need to know, including:
    • What are essential oils
    • How essential oils are extracted
    • The benefits of essential oils
    • Essential oils and their properties
    • Toxic essential oils to be avoided
    • Carrier oils
    • Perfumery notes
    • Mixing ratios
    • Methods of application
    • Safety guidelines
    • How to store essential oils
    • Quick guides
    • Other products for formula alchemy
    Also included are a myriad of formulas for everything you will need.